David Cantieni - Celtic Woodwinds

Red Rock

"A project such as this cannot happen without the unbridled support of many people. Thanks is not nearly enough for you Sam Bartlett and Sue Sternberg who were gung ho about this album almost before I knew I was going to make one. Then you went and cleared time in your busy schedules to rehearse and record. More than thanks is also due to everyone else on the album, Becky Tracy, George Marshall, Mark Roberts, Stuart Kenney, Rick Ruggles, Mary Witt, sine qua non Ann Percival and Pete Sutherland."

-- David Cantieni

Catalogue #DM9601 / Dig Dig Music

Tune List

  1. McGlinchy's / Marble Halls of Learning / P.J. McComiskey's
  2. Red Rock Reels
  3. Waltz in a Blue Moon for Katherine
  4. Collier's Reel
  5. Streets of London / Kontny's Yard
  6. Scatter the Mud / Out on the Road / The Swaggering Jig
  7. Matt Malloy's / Arigna Coal Minor / Cooley's Reel
  8. Piper on Horseback
  9. Blind Mary
  10. The Yellow Tinker / Ann's Salvation / Dwyer's
  11. The Cloon / My Needs
  12. The March of the King of Laois
  13. The Baker / After the Bomb / Big Red
  14. Magic Foot
  15. Carribe Groove

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