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Music From A Little Known Planet

Music may be like electricity; not invented, but discovered. We discovered this music over the past year, some of it during our rehearsals, and some at our dances and concerts which we do all over the country.

Most of the tunes on this album come from the vast body of American and British Isles dance music. Some melodies go back hundreds of years and others are relatively modern, written in the past 30 years. What happens to these tunes is always a surprise. Inspiration may strike at any moment, it could be the result of a fortuitous mistake, which we preserve and cultivate, or a reaction to some dancer's crazy antics.

The result, Music From a Little Known Planet, takes its name partly from Ann and David's new home, sometimes called Mars, where we have spent many hours of music making, and also from the way the double meaning of the title relates to the world of music. At times it seems so familiar and understandable and sometimes just the opposite, seeming strange and incomprehensible.

WA002 - $10.00 (Tape format only) (C)1987

Tune List
Side One
  1. Prince Charlie / Walker Street
  2. Enrichezvous
  3. Dun Fudgin / Two Part Invention #4 in D minor / Laurie on a Tofu Bucket / Ice on the Pond
  4. Hewlett / Willa Fiord
Side Two
  1. Pays de Haute / President Garfield's Hornpipe
  2. Cat in the Hopper / Burt Furguson / Trip to Windsor
  3. Forvantan
  4. Blue Mt. Rag / Paddy on the Turnpike / Hoodoo Hoedown

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